Case study

jan ’19 – present

LinkedIn domination – generating hundreds of inbound business opportunities consistently

Under the expertise of our co-founder and managing partner Jester Schilder, LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for generating business opportunities. Here we will dive deep into his strategies and their results!

Setting meetings with interested prospects

The essential part of any successful commercial strategy is to arrange regular meetings with your target customers. We cracked the code and generated multiple meetings per day.

Appointments with Fortune-500 executives

Leveraging the power of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, a groundbreaking database with an advanced filtering system to pinpoint executives and Fortune 500 companies, we identified our target contacts and used their provided data to reach out.

Generating inbound sales opportunities

We were satisfied with the success of our outbound funnels, but we wanted to take it a step further. We thus began publishing content two to five times per week and teamed up with other creators and LinkedIn influencers. The outcomes were extraordinary; below is evidence of this from Jester’s LinkedIn profile visits!

On a weekly basis, significantly more people reached out to Jester to make inquiries for the multi-media agency that we owned back then. 

Jester became a recognized LinkedIn influencer

In 2019, Jester was approached by Haydar Bayrak from ABN Amro who initiated the project ‘Op de Bank bij The Bank’. As part of this initiative, an invitation to join was extended to the top 100 LinkedIn influencers in all of The Netherlands.


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