The success story of US Investment Network

“We are looking to onboard more investors on our angel investment platform.”

About US Investment Network

Founded in 2021, US Investor Network LLC, based in Chicago, Illinois, is dedicated to facilitating startup funding for American entrepreneurs and making angel investing more accessible. Leveraging industry experience and a lean business model, they quickly innovate to enhance their platform. They aim to connect investors and entrepreneurs for mutual success, while ensuring user security throughout their journey.

The challenge

As a young, bootstrapped angel investor platform, US Investment Network was presented with several growth challenges to navigate. While they had established an efficient system for identifying companies seeking funding, expanding their pool of investors proved to be a challenge. Given that advertising was prohibitively expensive for them, they required a cost-efficient strategy to capture investors’ attention and encourage them to join the platform.

Implemented solutions

Crafting a strategic marketing blueprint

After careful deliberation, we devised a marketing strategy to overcome these challenges. Recognizing the cost-effective potential of LinkedIn, we strategically focused our efforts on leveraging this platform to identify and engage with potential angel investors. Additionally, we created a comprehensive plan to establish social proof by emphasizing educational content and highlighting the distinct value proposition offered by US Investment Network. Through these strategic initiatives, we were able to effectively attract new investors and bolster the platform’s reputation.

Positioning the unique qualities of US Investment Network

Our primary marketing material of focus was a well-crafted brochure that showcased the value proposition of the US Investment Network. Taking inspiration from competitor’s brochures, we meticulously designed our own to outshine the rest. With custom visuals, a compelling offer to investors, and a commitment to providing exceptional service to those who join our platform, we ensured our brochure stood out from the competition.

Guiding investors from prospects to associated angels

Lastly, we implemented a streamlined funnel on LinkedIn to identify the right investor demographics. Through targeted messaging, we crafted irresistible outreach that piqued their interest. Offering a valuable whitepaper, we enticed prospecting investors to exchange their email addresses. This allowed us to initiate an email sequence, strategically guiding and educating them. The sequence nurtured their interest, gradually building excitement about joining our platform.

The remarkable results

With all the preparations in place to attract investors, we experienced an immediate surge of positive responses from interested individuals on the very first day. Over the course of just two weeks, we witnessed a remarkable threefold increase in the number of investors associated with the US Investment Network. This rapid growth demonstrated the effectiveness of our strategies and highlighted the strong appeal and value of our platform to the investor community.