The success story of the Growth Capital

‘’We are looking to launch and position two new investment management products in the market.’’

About The Growth Capital

Originally a real estate exploitation company with a focus on construction and development, The Growth Capital achieved remarkable returns in their real estate ventures. Leveraging their success, they launched the TGC European Commercial Properties fund, offering investment management services tailored for professional investors. Today, The Growth Capital has evolved into a holding company, establishing and operating diverse investment vehicles across a range of asset classes.

The challenge

The marketing director of The Growth Capital initially approached one of our partners seeking assistance in positioning their new investment product, Halal Financing. With its specific focus on serving the Muslim community, this investment management product required a tailored approach to effectively reach its target audience. Additionally, The Growth Capital was also seeking guidance in launching a currency trading fund, necessitating strategic positioning and messaging development.

Implemented solutions

Effective Market Positioning

Inspired by the exciting developments at The Growth Capital, we collaborated to identify the ideal target demographics for their investment products and developed tailored strategies to effectively reach these audiences. Drawing upon our expertise working with other investment firms, we provided a clear and actionable strategy that guided the internal marketing team of The Growth Capital in implementing step-by-step initiatives.

Effective Marketing campaigns

Through strategic marketing campaigns, primarily utilizing social media advertising, we successfully crafted compelling and targeted advertisements that resonated with the ideal customer segments for both the Halal Financing as the Currency Trading proposition. Our campaigns effectively captured the attention and interest of these audiences, driving meaningful engagement and attracting valuable leads that turned into investors.

Strategic structuring of new funds

The Growth Capital was still looking for a way to structure the investment management offer as well as way that the investment opportunities could be marketed. We recommended to start with funds under the Dutch AFM Light Regime and introduced partners in our network that were licensed and specialized in setting up such vehicles. Throughout the structuring we made sure that the business model would have merit in the market, and we helped with establishing the documentation and getting investor-ready.

The remarkable results

As a result of our partnership, The Growth Capital has been able to expand their business into an investment holding that has successfully established Norib Real Estate Fund and TGC Trading Fund, in addition to TGC European Commercial Properties Fund.