The success story of our
Partner Jester Schilder

“Finding a cost-effective solution to generate high quality leads consistently.”

About Jester Schilder

Jester Schilder is a partner at Benjamin Auctus. We started in 2014 as a design agency named Quality Animation, with which we were serving B2B companies in The Netherlands. 

The challenge

During the formative years of our agency, we faced immense challenges in generating leads. As young entrepreneurs with limited resources, we lacked the financial means to invest in advertising or implement SEO strategies. This led to monthly uncertainties and constant pressure to secure enough clients to sustain our business and cover our expenses.

Implemented solutions

Utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a database of companies

We discovered a game-changing solution for our lead generation efforts called LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This innovative platform offered an accurate and up-to-date repository of companies, both locally and globally. By leveraging its features, we were no longer reliant on manual online searches, but instead gained access to a curated list of potential clients. Furthermore, LinkedIn Sales Navigator provided valuable notifications and updates on companies, enabling us to gather insightful information and tailor our approach for more personalized cold calls and introductory emails.

Building a solid LinkedIn outbound funnel

Recognizing the opportunity to connect with professionals on the platform, we devised a systematic approach. Each month, we curated a list of 50 target companies and initiated a connection request with their directors. Following the connection, we proactively followed up, extending an invitation to discuss creative design solutions. This effective outreach method opened doors to companies such as Samsung, Oracle, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises, and Microsoft, helping us build an impressive portfolio that consequently generated more leads.

Personal branding and thought-leadership positioning

With the introduction of Jester sharing our work on his personal LinkedIn page, we experienced a significant shift in our lead generation approach. As people began to take notice and express interest in our services, we decided to capitalize on this momentum by increasing our educational content frequency to three times a week. The impact was nothing short of astonishing, as our inbound queries multiplied exponentially. Our lead generation transformed from a scarcity of leads each month to a consistent influx of inbound inquiries on a weekly basis, catapulting our growth and expanding our client base.

The remarkable results

Through strategic utilization of LinkedIn, we achieved a remarkable transformation from a struggling agency to a leading presence in the Dutch markets. Leveraging the platform’s power, we not only generated a consistent stream of valuable leads but also positioned Jester as a recognized thought leader in the industry. With a remarkable following of 22,000 LinkedIn followers, Jester’s influential contributions earned him the recognition as a Top 100 LinkedIn Influencer in The Netherlands in 2018 by ABN AMRO.