The success story of Fund Structuring

“Establish and scale up a specialized financial consulting firm in a niche market”

About Fund Structuring

Fund Structuring stands as a boutique financial consulting firm with a niche expertise in structuring, forming, and overseeing alternative investment funds. This joint venture, conceived between our agency Benjamin Auctus, Crown Legal, and Fardaux family office, was born from a vision recognizing untapped potential in the market.

The challenge

Attracting clients with a specific interest in structuring alternative investment funds can be challenging. This is a unique niche, requiring clients to have a deep understanding of the concept, recognize their need, possess the necessary infrastructure, expertise, and financial capacity to establish such a vehicle. Consequently, many fund structuring consultants struggle to maintain a steady influx of new clients.

Implemented solutions

We build a solid brand

We initiated the process by establishing a strong and recognizable brand presence. This began with securing the domain through negotiations with its previous owners. Subsequently, we designed a website and established a LinkedIn page, both designed to enhance our visibility and communicate the intricacies of establishing alternative investment funds in an approachable manner. Additionally, we developed informative collateral, including whitepapers and teasers, for distribution to interested parties.

Implementation of various lead generation strategies

With our brand firmly established, our next goal was to establish reliable lead-generation channels. Recognizing the potential of LinkedIn, we revamped our personal and business profiles to make them more discoverable. Additionally, we invested in search engine optimization (SEO) for our website. To further our outreach, we organized both online and offline events aimed at educating individuals about the establishment of investment funds. Furthermore, we fostered strategic partnerships with other financial professionals, extending our fund structuring expertise to complement their services.

Build a commercial infrastructure

As our lead generation efforts picked up pace, it became crucial to efficiently manage incoming leads. To do so, we developed a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that seamlessly tracked leads, preventing any from falling through the cracks. This CRM allowed us to monitor and respond promptly to each lead while understanding their unique needs, ultimately enhancing conversion rates and the overall customer experience, aligning with our commitment to tailored solutions

The remarkable results

Within a year, we not only established a strong brand but also consistently attracted new leads week after week. Alongside this, we built a scalable infrastructure to accommodate our rapid growth. We’ve proudly structured a remarkable 53 funds, overseeing a substantial 500 million in client assets. Our burgeoning startup is now catching the eye of investors keen to fuel our international expansion.