The success story of the ministry of finance in the Netherlands

‘’We would like to communicate how we are integrating blockchain solutions at the government.’’

About the ministry of finance in the Netherlands

The Ministry of Finance in the Netherlands oversees economic, monetary, fiscal, and tax policies, financial regulation, and the government budget. The Dutch Blockchain Coalition is a public-private partnership that includes partners from sectors like financial services, logistics, energy, security, and ICT. It also involves regulatory bodies such as the Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) and the Royal Notarial Professional Organization (KNB). This coalition was initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate to promote collaboration and innovation in the digital era.

The challenge

The government is committed to enhancing its role and improving citizen experiences through digital advancements. While automation offers numerous benefits, ensuring security at the government level remains a challenge. Blockchain integration has emerged as a significant development in this context. Given the complexity of these solutions, the government approached us to effectively communicate the intricacies of blockchain integration.

Implemented solutions

Condensing complex information into captivating snippets

The government and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition had generated numerous lengthy documents about their solutions, but these materials were not suitable for public consumption due to their industry-specific nature. To address this, we undertook a comprehensive review of the content, extracting the most important details and crafting concise yet engaging snippets for each relevant subject. By simplifying the information, we made it more accessible and compelling for the intended audience.

Transforming concepts into unique visuals and brand elements

Within the mentioned documents, a significant portion of the content lacked visual representation, presenting us with an exciting opportunity to create visualizations that would effectively convey the information. Our objective was to design graphics and illustrations that would complement the accompanying text, enhancing its clarity and comprehension. Additionally, we seamlessly integrated the branding elements of the government and the Blockchain Coalition, ensuring a cohesive and consistent visual identity throughout the materials.


High quality animation and video content

To bring the textual and visual elements to life, we employed the expertise of our skilled team in high-quality animation and video production. Using industry-standard software such as Adobe After Effects, we transformed the static visuals into dynamic motion graphics designs. Additionally, we carefully crafted a script based on the snippets, leveraging the talents of professional voice-over artists who recorded the narration in a recording studio. By seamlessly integrating these components, we produced a compelling series of videos suitable for public distribution, board meetings, and international gatherings where the government could showcase their pioneering work to other parliamentary bodies.

The remarkable result

Through our collaborative efforts with the Dutch Ministry of Finance and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, we have significantly enhanced understanding, engagement, and awareness of the government’s groundbreaking work in blockchain technology integration. By condensing complex information into captivating snippets, creating compelling visual representations, and producing high-quality animation and video content, we effectively communicated the intricacies of blockchain integration to a wide audience. As a result, stakeholders and the public now have a deeper understanding of the government’s pioneering initiatives and the transformative potential of blockchain technology in public sector operations.