The success story of Capital Mills

“We needed to develop a strong brand and marketing strategy to attract our ideal investors and scale-ups.”

About Capital Mills

Capital Mills is an investment firm based in The Netherlands that provides internet start-ups a financing alternative for private equity with a royalty-based proposition called revenue-based financing. We have been working with Capital Mills since May ‘21 where we originally helped them with communications and content creation. After that, we expanded to become their full-service agency, building media relations for PR, and developing and maintaining marketing funnels to attract new investors and deal-flow opportunities. 

The challenge

In 2020,  one of our partners got in contact with the management of Capital Mills to discuss a potential partnership. During the exploratory phase, it became evident that Capital Mill’s unique investment approach presented a challenge for investors and scale-ups to understand the concept. This made it difficult to communicate and market, especially since Capital Mills didn’t have anyone internally dedicated to marketing.

Implemented solutions

Educating the target demographic

We created a series of multi-media solutions such as infographics, articles, eBooks, and presentations to educate the audience on Capital Mill’s revenue-based financing concept.

Stimulating Brand awareness

To ensure widespread recognition of Capital Mills, we implement a strategic brand awareness campaign. This includes proactive content sharing on social media platforms and leveraging public relations initiatives such as arranging speaking engagements for their CEO and crafting captivating articles that were published in relevant media platforms.

Executing Marketing Campaigns

We implemented direct-marketing campaigns through various advertising campaigns with which we got the attention of interested scale-ups and investors. Besides that we implemented an email marketing strategy to nurture interested leads and keep existing contacts engaged.

The remarkable results

During our 3-year collaboration, we have made improvements that we are very proud of. At the beginning, Capital Mills had limited and inconsistent marketing activities. However, through our partnership, we implemented a cohesive approach that significantly improved consistency. As a result, Capital Mills has seen growth in its investor community, successfully welcomed many new scale-ups into their portfolio, and gained increased recognition both locally and internationally. The word about Capital Mills is spreading in the European venture capital landscape, further establishing their reputation in the industry.