About Benjamin Auctus

We are Benjamin Auctus. A passionate investment marketing and communications agency with excellence as our aim.

Benjamin Auctus is an all-encompassing marketing and communications agency that enables investment firms of any structure, magnitude or location to thrive. We provide tailored services to asset managers, investment banks, private equity firms, family offices, financial advisors and all types of alternative investment funds and syndications. 

The capital markets can be a lucrative yet intricate industry. With stakeholders to engage and excellent investment returns to be assured, it’s no surprise that these activities take up most of the time — leaving little room for crafting an effective brand identity or marketing consistently across channels. By not focusing on these important elements, investment firms are at risk of stagnation and thereby unable to propel themselves forward as organizations.

Instead of endlessly searching through an array of independent freelancers and consultants who may lack the necessary knowledge to understand capital markets, Benjamin Auctus provides a tailored solution that will maximize your investment firm’s potential. Our specialized team can do thorough market research, craft customized strategies, execute those strategies with precision and track results diligently in order to make improvements and remain one step ahead of competition at all times.

Full-service agency

We provide a wide range of services to help your business, including commercial strategy, public relations, design, app development, video production, and event planning. With us, you’re completely unburdened.

Up-to-date on regulations

We are acquainted with marketing regulations across various nations, and we maintain close touch with relevant authorities to keep ourselves apprised of any changes and adapt our clientele’s activities as needed. 

Dedicated project account manager

One project manager is always assigned to your organization’s account and oversees all progress. This person can be contacted at any time to answer any questions or accommodate requests you may have.

Jester Schilder

Managing Partner

At the ripe age of 19-year-old, Jester made the bold decision to leave college and founded a corporate communications agency which became a fixed supplier for hundreds of organizations including Fortune 500s, and several Dutch Government ministries within a few years. Intuitively drawn to the capital markets, a combination of passion, and uncovering serious market needs eventually led to him co-founding Benjamin Auctus. Jester’s proficiency in dealmaking, investor relations, and commercial strategy lies at the core of our team’s performance. He ensures that all our efforts are directed towards maximizing productivity and delivering optimal results.

Simon van den Heuvel

Managing Partner

Simon is an Engineer specializing in stakeholder relations and urban economic development since 2016, with since then, over 6 years of practiced corporate communications experience through his agency Professional Identity. This background allows him to adopt the rare ability to implement both a methodological and creative approach to channel management. We pride ourselves on high client retention thanks to Simon, who is the backbone our clients need to keep track of their numbers and continuously progress with productive decisions.

Fyonse Mtonga

Marketing & communications

Fyonse is a KPI-driven marketing and communications expert, dedicated to helping our clients reach their commercial objectives. He specializes in developing high-impact campaigns for public relations, fundraising, reputation management, deal sourcing, and employer branding. His responsibilities include planning, executing, and overseeing these strategies with efficient utilization of both traditional and modern approaches to reach the set KPI targets.

Anastasia D.

Graphic designer

With over three years of professional experience as a graphic designer, Anastasia is an expert in brand identity development that conveys the company’s values and activities. Through her creative designs for presentations, pitch decks, investment memorandums and layouts, she creates eye-catching visuals with unmatched levels of quality. Her dedication to staying up-to-date on trends enables her to create modern yet relevant graphics for all types of investment firms.

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