About Benjamin Auctus

Financial marketing

Benjamin Auctus is a boutique financial marketing agency that is uniquely positioned to address the specific marketing and communication needs of financial institutions.


At Benjamin Auctus, our mission is to redefine communication between financial institutions and their diverse audiences. Employing a mix of compliant, innovative, digital, and traditional marketing techniques, we challenge our clients to align more closely with the evolving desires and requirements of their multi-generational target groups. Through this commitment, we facilitate genuine understanding, deep connections, and sustained engagement.



We envision a future where relationships between financial institutions and the people they serve are built on more than just transactions. We seek to cultivate an environment where alignment and deep trust anchors every engagement, propelling clients to evolve from mere consumers to enthusiastic supporters and genuine ambassadors of the financial brands they trust.

What sets us apart
as an Agency

AI Integration

We’re forward-thinking and continually exploring ways to enhance our clients’ and our own internal processes using AI-driven solutions. We believe in harnessing the power of modern technology to drive success.

Compliance, Regulation & Financial Expertise

We offer a unique advantage with our compliance, regulation, and financial expertise. We ensure your campaigns are fully compliant while bridging the gap between financial professionals and their audiences. Trust us to navigate the legal landscape while you focus on your business.

Proven track record

Since our inception in 2014, we’ve worked with over a 100 businesses, executing endless campaigns. Our extensive experience affords us unique insights into what truly resonates in the market.


Jester Schilder,

Simon van den Heuvel, Partner