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We streamline your communications, enhance your brand presence, and drive top-line growth through commercial infrastructure optimization.

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From fintech start-ups to international investment banks, we know how to tell your story, and engage your audience!



Steady stream of new leads

We identify the optimal platforms, whether digital or traditional, to captivate your target audience. By crafting engaging content, we not only capture their attention but also gather essential contact details, so that you can follow up and start the sales process. 

Clear and engaging communications

Complex industry terms can overshadow your product’s appeal. We articulate your content in a way that speaks directly to your audience, highlighting your core value. And with eye-catching infographics and animations, your message becomes both clear and captivating.

Strategic brand positioning

We identify your ideal clients, write your brand story, and redesign your brand assets such as your branding guide, documentations, and website. After that, we nurture your reputation as a market leader through social media, press, and content distribution, ensuring your brand stands out, and remains top-of-mind.

CRM & Automation setup

We implement tailored CRM solutions to streamline your interactions and ensure every client touchpoint is managed effectively. Coupled with our automation strategies, we optimize your sales funnel, reduce manual tasks, and ensure timely engagement, allowing you to nurture leads and maintain strong relationships.

Free Strategy Assessment

Use our free assessment tool to discover how your commercial execution measures up to your competition, it only takes 10-minutes!

‘’The Benjamin Auctus team are some of the most professional, creative, and passionate individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. With their extensive knowledge in fundraising and deal-sourcing, they created an effective marketing campaign for US Investment Network that tripled our investor population while significantly increasing our brand value. I highly recommend Benjamin Auctus to anyone looking for strong intellects who can think outside the box and work hard with a positive attitude.’’

Eli Inman

Managing Director, US Investment Network